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May 2021 Elections: Bitesize Training Series

Publish date: 10/03/2021

Local authorities are facing unprecedented and ongoing challenges in relation to the delivery of the May 2021 polls. Managing specific issues at a local level as a consequence of the national public health emergency means Returning Officers and Electoral Registration Officers have an enormous amount to consider and plan for. This new bitesize training series will focus on areas of specific concern for all those involved in the planning and delivery of the May elections.

Session 1 on 23rd March will cover Verification and Count, including determining the timing; preparing for the verification and count; managing the count venue; equipment, staffing and management; delivery of the verification and count; attendance at the verification and count; and managing and communicating with attendees.

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Session 2 on 30th March will cover Voting and Polling Day, looking specifically at absent voting including communication of voting options; absent vote applications; producing and issuing postal votes; spoilt postal votes; postal vote opening; and emergency proxies. This session will also cover considerations relating to polling stations including communication, managing polling station voting, roles, equipment and management.

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Session 3 on 6th April will look at Rules during the Pre-election Period, considering the publicity restrictions that should be observed by local authorities. This session will cover the activity restricted by pre-election rules, what authorities should not do, what they should think carefully about doing, and what they are allowed to do during the period of heightened sensitivity, as well as specific considerations in relation to the use of social media.

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Pricing varies and is dependent on amount of sessions purchased:

Please note, for the discount to apply, all sessions must be booked at the same time. Please make separate bookings for other sessions or specify the sessions required in the info box on the booking form.